Witcher 3 Contract Bargaining

Otherwise, after choosing one of the other options, you will have to go back to the back of the brothel and look for perfumes in the corner. After activating the sorcerer`s senses, follow the smell. It will take you to the nearby buildings. Unfortunately, the door is locked. Use the one from the house next door on the ground floor – this is how you enter. To disable the monster`s magic barrier, you need to destroy the artifact behind it with the Aard sign. Geralt will propose to destroy the ceiling support in order to drop it on the enemy, but unfortunately this will not work – the witcher will admit it after the battle. On this page of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide, you can see the complete solutions for 3 witcher contracts that take place or concern the Free City of Novigrad. The following solution explains, among other things, how to successfully identify and pursue the thief, how to defeat the Doppler, how to find the clues in the house of bats, how to defeat the succubus, how to properly examine the haunted house, and how to treat the earth in an elementary way.

Just like in the previous two games, you are a sorcerer and the usual task of a witcher is to pursue and kill monsters for a fee. While your search for Ciri takes precedence over everything else, you may find time to take on paid side missions known as contracts that benefit the local population and also fatten your wallet. Some quests and contracts allow you to negotiate a higher salary. If you let him go, you only get half of the dealer`s reward, but the Doppler gives you 25, 215 and the graph: Gnomish Gwyhyr for letting him go. More importantly, however, letting go means you won`t get a Doppler mutagen or trophy. If you decide to kill him, he will no longer take the form of witcher, which makes it a little easier to kill him (but no rewards other than winning the trophy and mutagen here). The first game in the series doesn`t have a haggling option, but in the second, you can get it during the first chapter of your playthrough after using a dealer`s Axii sign to convince them to pay you more. However, the third game automatically offers the possibility – but only if you speak directly to the NPC offering the contract. If you simply remove the contract from a bulletin board without telling the person who posted it before it was concluded, you automatically accept the reward offered to anyone willing to accept it – not necessarily a wizard, as these are considered rare and remote (and expensive!).

When accepting a quest or contract, look for a Daialog option that says something like „Let`s talk about my reward“ or „This quest is too dangerous for the money you`re paying.“ This will launch a mini-haggling game in which you can try to get more reward. But, as many fans point out, there`s really no way to stay poor in The Witcher 3 if you spend some time cleaning up the smugglers` hideouts around Skellige. But if you really want to take another room from the poor old lady with a haunted house just to prove a point, fight. It`s probably part of the witcher`s code or something like that. Contracts are optional quests that Geralt can complete and can be found by reading the appropriate bulletin board or stumbling upon the contractor or monster to kill. There are a total of 26 witcher contracts in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The monsters encountered during the contracts will be harsher versions of those Geralt may encounter during his travels elsewhere. You`ll be sensitive to the same oils, potions, bombs, and signs as their smaller shapes, but be sure to check the level associated with the contract quest to make sure you`re up for the challenge. A quick study of a creature`s weaknesses in the bestiary will be useful in preparing to defeat your enemy. Follow the Doppler Path on the road, through the gate. Another hiking trail is located on the river.

It leads to a small house with the door wide open. Activate your witcher senses: on the first floor you will find clothes, on the ground floor there is a letter on the table – read it. Geralt will smell – follow him and you`ll find the Doppler not far away. After a cutscene, a chase begins – don`t let him run away as this will finish the quest. According to the books, wizards would be poor, and the haggling option has been added to the third game, allowing players to take all the chances they can get their hands on shiny gold. However, there is one caveat: if you refuse payment, many NPCs will insist on giving you something for your problems that may turn out to be more than the original victim, such as gems or weapons. Of course, as in any world, there are people who are perfectly fine if they do not pay you at all and do not insist if you refuse the reward. There are several ways to get contracts in The Witcher games, and none of them are necessarily „correct“. For example, you can search through every bulletin board you come across, or you can try to talk to any NPC, or – most likely – you fluctuate between the two depending on how you feel. However, there is a reason why you should not only accept contracts directly from npCs, but also charge more money than they initially want to offer. After reading the contract on the scoreboard (M6.3), talk to the quest giver.

You will find it near the market. It is important that you can only meet him during the day. His name is Sylvester Amello (M6,10). You can negotiate up to 300 crowns for the contract. Trading is actually quite easy, but players may not know exactly how to complete this action…

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