What Is Revenue Neutral Tax Rate

One of the leading economists supporting FairTax is Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff of Boston University. A detailed 2006 study published in Tax Notes by Suffolk University`s Beacon Hill Institute and Dr. Kotlikoff concluded that fairTax for the 2007 tax year would be income neutral at a rate of 23.82% (31.27% excluding taxes), allowing taxpayers to fully comply. [8] The study indicates that purchasing power is transferred from state and local governments to state taxpayers and local governments. To recover lost revenue, state and local governments can raise taxes to continue generating the same real income from their taxpayers. [8] State and local governments would be able to maintain their actual level of spending, even if they would have to pay FairTax for their purchases. Argus Group and Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics have each published an analysis defending the 23% rate. [5] [9] [10] While FairTax supporters acknowledge that the above studies did not explicitly consider tax evasion, they also claim that the studies did not completely ignore tax evasion under FairTax. These studies implicitly included some level of tax evasion in their calculations, simply using figures based on national income and the product account, which likely underestimate overall household consumption.

[8] In addition, these studies did not take into account the expected capital gains that would result from a reduction in the real face value of U.S. public debt and the increase in economic growth that economists believe would occur. [8] [11] It is the responsibility of City Manager Debra Campbell, Council, to submit a draft budget to the agency that has the final say on the tax rate. § 2. With effect from 1 July 2021, K.S.A. 79-1460 is replaced by the following: 79-1460. (a) The county assessor shall inform each taxpayer of the county each year not later than 1 March for immovable property and 1 May for personal property by mail to the last known address of the taxpayer of the classification and estimated valuation of the taxpayer`s assets; except that the assessment is not increased for all properties unless the protocol for the last physical inspection has been reviewed by the county or county assessor. and there are documents to support such an increase in valuation in accordance with the guidelines and specifications of the Director of Asset Valuation, and these records and documents are available to the taxpayer concerned. Nor does the valuation of all properties increase solely through the normal repair, replacement or maintenance of structures, facilities or improvements to the property. For the purposes of this Section, „repair, replacement or normal maintenance“ does not include new construction for the purposes of this Section.

For the next two taxation years after the taxation year, in which the valuation of commercial real estate was reduced due to a final decision as part of the assessment process, the district appraiser will review the computerized mass assessment of the property, and whether the assessment of any of these two years exceeds the value of the previous year by more than 5%, with the exception of new buildings, changes in use or changes in classification, the county assessor has: 1° the adjustment of the valuation of the property on the basis of the information provided in the previous complaint; or (2) order an independent appraisal of the property by a certified Kansas real estate appraiser. As used in this section, „new construction“ means the construction of a new structure or improvements or the conversion or renovation of existing structures or improvements to real property. If the assessment of real property has been reduced as a result of a final decision as part of the previous year`s assessment process and the district assessor has already certified the assessment rolls for the current year to the District Officer in accordance with K.S.A. 79-1466 and their amendments, the District Assessor may amend the assessment rolls and certify the changes to the District Clerk in order to implement the provisions of the this subsection and to value the property in accordance with the final determination of the previous year, except that such changes are not made after October 31 of the current year. For the purposes of this Division and in the case of immovable property, the term „taxpayer“ is deemed to be the person who owns the property, as indicated in the records of the Office of Deeds or the District Clerk, and where the property or the improvement of the property is the subject of a lease agreement, this period is also deemed to be the tenant of this property, if the rental contract has been entered or deposited in the register of documents. In this notice, previous and current estimates and estimates for each property category listed on the property must be provided separately. The notice must also include the unique parcel identification number required by the director of real estate valuation. That notification shall also include a statement of the taxable person`s right of appeal, the procedure to be followed for lodging such an appeal and the free provision of the guide drawn up in accordance with point (b). Such notice may, and if required by the Council of County Commissioners, include the identification number of the property, the address and date of sale and the amount of the sale of one or all of the sales used to determine the estimated value of residential real property. Whenever no change in the estimated assessment of a property is noted from its estimated assessment of the previous year, another form of notification approved by the Property Assessment Director may be used by a county. Failure to send or receive such notice in a timely manner will not invalidate the classification or review scored as amended.

The Minister of Finance shall adopt the rules and regulations necessary for the carrying out of this Division. The lower tax rate would offset some or all of the increases that landowners have received with the new values estimated by the government for their land, homes and other buildings. (B) in a weekly or daily newspaper in the district, which has a general circulation. The notice shall include, inter alia, the proposed tax rate, the revenue neutral rate and the date, time and place of the public consultation. b) The governing body of a tax department does not levy a tax rate that exceeds the revenue-neutral tax rate, unless it has approved a decision or regulation in accordance with the following procedure: In a 2004 study, the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP) compensated for factors that artificially increase the economic base in reality before the U.S. sales tax was collected (government transactions, Non-financial transactions, tax exemptions, evasion, etc.) on FairTax`s alleged tax base and concluded that FairTax should be increased to 53% or that the originally proposed rate of 30% would be 41% lower than federal revenues in fiscal year 2005. [21] (c) Any management organization subject to the provisions of this section that does not comply with paragraph (b) shall reimburse taxpayers for any property tax that has been overcharged on the basis of the amount of the levy exceeding the income neutral rate. The provisions of this subsection shall not be construed as prohibiting other remedies available under the Act. (b) The Treasury hereby establishes the Taxpayers` Reporting Expenses Fund, managed by the Minister of Finance. All expenses in the Taxpayer`s Reporting Fee Fund are used to pay the county`s printing and postage expenses in accordance with section 1 and their amendments. All expenditures of this fund are made in accordance with the appropriation acts on mandates issued by the accountant and the reports issued on the basis of supporting documents approved by the Minister of Finance or by the secretary to the secretary.


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